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Our Family Law Approach

Why should you trust Carver & DeBord with your family law case?  To us, family law involves preventing future issues by effectively solving today‚Äôs problems.  After all, life does not always go according to plan.  People change, and these changes are rarely predictable.  Marriage should not be miserable, and no one wants their unhappiness to impact their children.  Our family law practice is centered on providing pragmatic solutions.  We listen without passing judgment, present creative options for your consideration, and keep you in control of your case.

Why are we the right family law attorney for you?  

We understand that no two cases are alike.  Your case is unique.  We will present different options for handling your matter and work with you on finding the best solution.

We want you to have a voice.  At Carver & DeBord, we are here to listen, counsel, and advise; not to control.  We understand that people dealing with family law related matters often feel helpless, and we want to help you regain control of your situation.

We handle all types of family law cases.  We put our creative and resourceful approach to work in all aspects of family law. Prior to marriage, we draft agreements and assist with property and financial planning.  If the time comes for the marriage to end, we handle all aspects of the divorce, from child custody/support to alimony and property division.  After the divorce, we help clients with child support, child visitation and custody, alimony, and property division problems.  We also handle paternity and legitimation cases.

Our small size is our greatest asset.  We are proud to be a small firm, and we aren't interested in getting so big that our clients talk to support staff more often than to lawyers.  We take pride in getting to know our clients, and we are committed to treating people like we want to be treated. 

We offer flexible appointment times. We recognize that taking time away from your work and kids is difficult, so we offer evening and weekend appointments. 

Our fees are affordable.  More people will need a lawyer for a family law matter than for probably any other issue.  Too many people go to court in family law cases without lawyers, and we believe that your family is too important for you to go it alone.  Our fee arrangements are flexible, and we strive to keep our rates among the most affordable in the area.

Call us at (678) 439-1082 to schedule an appointment, or email Cory (cd@carverdebord.com) or Jenny (jc@carverdebord.com) anytime.