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Our Wills and Estate Planning Approach

A good family doctor knows when to refer a patient to a specialist. That analogy fits our approach to wills and estate planning. Our job is to diagnose your needs and determine the right treatment. We have experience and training in meeting most people's needs for a will. For example, young parents may not have much in the way of property to distribute, but instead need a will to direct how their children are to be cared for if something unfortunate happens. Other people may need to plan what happens to their home and property. These situations are the most common, and they are the type we handle. The cost is very reasonable.

However, we have access to specialists who can help if your situation is more unique. Joe Hendricks, our Of Counsel, concentrates on estate planning. Joe, a WealthCounsel member, invests tremendous resources keeping up to date with the latest in probate law and estate taxation.  If your needs go beyond the so-called “simple” will (we do not believe that a matter as important as a will truly should be described as “simple”), Joe is ready to help.

Our probate practice also includes representing family members who must challenge a loved one's will because of undue influence or lack of testamentary capacity.   Nothing matches the anger and hurt in seeing a loved parent or grandparent who suffers from dementia or Alzheimer's taken advantage of by another family member.  You have options.

Give us a call today. We will diagnose your will, estate planning, and probate litigation needs and devise a plan to achieve your goals.